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History 300 (Dr. Jalil): Home


This guide will provide you with relevant digital resources to support your research  in History 300, The Historian's Craft, with Dr. Jalil.

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How to Use this Guide

This guide is divided into several pages to help narrow your search:

  1. Home Page: (the page you are now on).
  2. CSUCI Primary Sources: this pages will help you with access to the CSUCI's digitized collections, give guidance about how to search the system, and highlight several collections that may be relevant to your research. 
  3. External Primary Sources: this pages houses links to other websites that provide access to primary sources. These link are from other universities that specialize in specific topics, bigger libraries, and museum collections. This section is divided into subpages organized by geographic region.
  4. Secondary Sources: this page houses relevant library databases that will help you locate secondary sources. It also features tutorials on how to use the databases.
  5. Writing Help: This pages features links to the Chicago Manual of Style and the CSUCI Writing and Multiliteracy Center, both of which can provide you help in writing a paper.

Quick Links

John Spoor Broome Library

Access to the library's home page


Chicago Manuel of Style

Access to the online version of the Chicago Manual of Style