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Antiracism & Social Justice Resources

Curated collection of resources to use in antiracism and social justice growth and developement.

Opportunities for Action: About this page

Working towards racial and social justice can often feel like a series of first steps. If something happens to shake fresh understanding, it feels like starting over when we need to incorporate new information. Measuring the progress of awareness and understanding is a reminder that racial and social justice learning is an iterative process; every step is in the here and now.

Learning may begin with reading, a conversation, or watching a movie, and to foster growth, we might consider action. Below you will find outlets for action, interaction, and more learning. See what other communities are doing. These are just some ways in which we can contribute to racial and social justice.

Take Action

The Opportunity Agenda is a social justice communication lab that works to advance the impact of the social justice community.  They offer pre-recorded webinars that provide practical communications guidance for social justice leaders looking to more effectively advocate and advance their issues. Expert panelists share how they apply values-based messaging into their organizational messaging and tell an affirmative story about the communities they serve and represent.


What Can I Do About Bias

This implicit bias exercise tests on race, gender and sexual orientation to uncover your own biases. This quiz, created in partnership with Project Implicit, requires you to sort pictures or words into groups as fast as you can. At the end, you will receive your results and some information about what they mean. This quiz will only take about 5 minutes. There are two parts: the quiz itself and a short survey about you.


Center for Radical Justice in Education Logo
This is a compilation of resources prepared by the Center for Racial Justice in Education that helps families and educators have conversations with students and children about race, racism and racialized violence.


Community Tool Box
The Community Tool Box is an online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. The section on Learning to be an Ally for People from Diverse Groups and Backgrounds teaches how to be an ally to people in a diverse community.