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Black History Month Guide

A brief look into Black History Month, some very important and influential figures, and a slice of the culture.


While the process of creating citations my seem daunting, your nerves are likely to be calmed when you become familiar with the straightforward mechanics of citing your work. It's a formula, really. An author here, a title there, where the work you used is published over yonder. Just make sure to double check your work, as you already do, because you're a good student. 

However, if you're still nervous, or if you want a second pair of eyes on your citations, please contact a librarian. We're here to help! And if you need any additional assistance with your papers, presentations, or citations, please do visit the tutors at the Writing and Multiliteracy Center. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Citation Quick Guides

Commonly used citation styles

.....courtesy of the WMC

For your reference

 Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th Edition

 MLA Handbook, 9th Edition

 The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition