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Computer Science Guide

This guide is intended to help you find information and materials related to this field.

Additional Data Search Tips

If you can't find the data that you're looking for on this page, try using these tips to search for more.

Open a browser of your choice:

  • Start by using locations to narrow your search, for example use "Country Name," "State Name," or "County Name" to find data that is more granular.
  • Use the term "Open Data" rather than "free data" to help ensure your results are more reliable. Open data is a term used by governments, agencies, and other organizations that want to make data more transparent.
  • Be sure to access sources that are produced by reputable organizations-- look for data that is produced by governments or national, state, or country agencies. 
  • Never download data from an insecure site. Be sure that sites feature a green or black lock symbol in front of the URL.

How to Use this Page

Start Here

This page will offer you resources for accessing open data and data sets. Data can be useful for a variety of computer science purposes, but especially for machine learning. The page below is organized by the source of the data, namely general, government, and academic sources. Use this page as a starting point for accessing various types of data or see the Library's Data & Statistics Research Guide.

Reminder: Visit the Intellectual Property page of this guide to learn more about open licenses and usage rights for data. Make sure your data is open before use.

General/Unsorted Datasets

Government Data (Federal, State, Local, etc.)

Academic Data

Data Repository Lists & Registries

A great place to start if looking for subject-specific data. Provides links to open data repositories sorted by subject area.

General Data Repositories

Large open data repositories that contain data from all subject disciplines. Both more heavily used than the subject-specific repositories and may provide results.