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Mathematics Research Guide

Web Resources

Google Books

Free books and book previews in a variety of topics related to mathematics.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit agency providing multi-level, multi-disciplinary educational resources on the web. Mathematics is among Khan Academy's strongest areas.

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

A independent non-profit research institute located at the University of California, Berkeley. MSRI is primarily funded by the National Science Foundation and is dedicated to the advancement of pure, applied, and interdisciplinary mathematics.

Quantitative Reasoning - Cal State University

Effective in 2017, CSU Admissions and Graduation requirements integrate Quantitative Reasoning (QR) aligned with educational foundations in Mathematics. The linked Academic Senate statement outlines policy and implementation plans.

Quantitative Reasoning - ETS / GRE Guidance

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) from Educational Testing Service (ETS) incorporates Quantitative Reasoning (QR) including questions from real life situations as well as pure math. The link leads to an intro to QR for GRE prep.

Research in Scientific Computing in Undergraduate Education

A blog and resource site developed by the Mathematics Department at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in order to help undergraduate students in computational mathematics.

Wolfram MathWorld

The web's leading extensive mathematical resource developed by Eric Weisstein, who is a graduate from Cornell with a Ph.D from Caltech. Wolfram MathWorld offers information on all aspects of mathematics and mathematical concepts.

Writing a Mathematical Research Paper

A short guide provided by MIT that provides an overview to writing a research paper in mathematics.