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COVID-19 Homeschooling Resources

A collection of free online educational resources for parent/caregivers to use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other Resources

Arts and Culture Art K-8 Art exhibits
Typing Club Typing K-12 Learn and practice typing skills
Art For Kids Hub Art K-8 Art lessons for kids
GoNoodle Physical education K-5 Interactive movement games
Soundfly Music 3-12 Online music courses
Art History Art K-8 Art gallery
The Louvre Art K-12 Art gallery virtual tour
Kids in Motion - PBS Physical education K-5 Movement for kids
Chop Chop Cooking Club Cooking K-6 Cooking videos for kids
Classics for Kids Music K-8 Music appreciation
Dance Appreciation - PBS Dance K-8 Dance appreciation
Multi-Cultural Education Culture K-6 Activities in multi-culturalism
World Languages - PBS Foreign language K-8 Foreign language
Walt Disney Imagineering Art & Writing K-12 Story Development & Conceptual Design
San Diego Symphony Music K-12 Music & Lessons