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COVID-19 Homeschooling Resources

A collection of free online educational resources for parent/caregivers to use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Science Resources

Natural History Museum K-12 Virtual field trips
eLabs K-8 Virtual labs
SCORE Science K-6 Activities and lessons
Extreme Science K-6 Science lessons around natural extremes found on earth
Fun Science Demos K-12 Presentations of science concepts
Discovery Mindblown K-12 Videos and activities around science topics
MadSci Library K-12 Science resources and science careers for all science topics
Carolina Biological K-12 Science lessons and activities
Smithsonian K-12 Main portal to all of the Smithsonian Museums and web sites
Science NetLinks K-12 Searchable library of lessons and tools for science
Science News for Kids 3-8 Science news for children ages 9-14
NOVA Labs 4-12 Games and interactive activities
Dissection Alternatives 3-12

PowerPoints, models, and items to demonstrate the internal organs

Digital World Biology 5-12 Resources for teaching biology concepts
Rader's CHEM4KIDS 6-12 Chemistry activities
Middle School Chemistry 6-8 Lesson plans and activities focused on chemistry topics
Interactive Science Simulations 6-12 Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena
Speedometry K-8 Use Hot Wheels to learn about velocity, gravity, and kinetic energy
EU Universe Awareness K-8 Resources, images, activities to understand space science concepts
NASA STEM Engagement K-12 Understanding of space concepts
USGS 6-12 Resources, lessons, demonstrations of earth science concepts
Gamestar Mechanic K-12 Design games, make a story line, and write a creative game
WBGH - Bringing the Universe to America K-12 Earth and space science
Stuck at Home Science K-8 Science experiments
Aquarium of the Pacific K-12 Educational lessons and exploration
San Diego Zoo Global Academy 9-12 Free courses for students and teachers ages 13+