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Anthropology Research Guide

Reference Tips

This is only a brief selection of our history reference works. For reference works on specific countries and topics (immigration, food, sports...), try using these tricks to search the Library's OneSearch Catalog.

1.  Search the catalog of a person or topic. On the search results page, click "Resource Types" on the left sidebar and then narrow your results to "Reference Entries"

2.  Use the advanced search to search the catalog for reference books on a specific country, region, or topic. Insert your keywords onto the first line of the search. On the second line write: history. On the third line write: encyclopedia OR dictionary OR reference [and select to search by title].

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Shelf with reference books.

Reference Works

Reference works are a great place to start your research, especially in a new field or topic of study. Think of these as the Academic Wikipedia. These resources provide peer-reviewed introductory and background information on a topic, where you can learn the language experts in a field use. The content on this page consists mostly of books and databases. 

Tips on locating additional reference works are located in the left column of the page. See the United States tab on your left for reference works focusing on United States history and its peoples.

Reference Databases

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Handbooks and Guides