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Library Orientation Guide: Books

Search for Library Books

Use OneSearch to search across all library resources. Narrow your results to books by using the options in the "Refine my Results" bar on the left.

In the "Format" section, select "Books" to see both the ebooks and print books at Broome Library.   

If you prefer print books, in the "Available at Broome Library" section, select "Available in the Library" and this remove the ebooks from your results list. 


Requesting Books During Covid Closure - Available starting August 17

How can you place a request for a print book during the Fall 2020 semester?

If you reside within Ventura County, you can request a book for easy contact-less pick-up at the Broome Library.   If you reside outside of the county, you can provide a preferred mailing address and we will ship the book to you.  Please note: Due to the high demand and short loan period, print reserves will be unavailable for mail delivery.

Students can request print books through the Library Catalog.  If you find a title that you would like to request that is available in print, you will want to click on the title.   This will take you to the library record. 

Within the library record, you will see the link to "Request."

Once you click on "Request" you will be brought to the request form.  

Once you submit your request, you should see a confirmation page.

This means that your request was received and will be processed in the coming days. 

What if I don't see the "Request" option?

If you do not see the option to request, you may see a button that says "Sign in for more options."   

Once you sign in with your MyCI login, the request option should appear.  

What happens once you submit your request?

Broome Library staff will be filling requests in the order they are received.   

If you reside within Ventura County, your item will be made available through lockers in the front of Broome Library.   Once your item is available, you will receive an email from library staff that will provide you with further instructions regarding item pick-up.    

If you reside outside of Ventura County, you item will be mailed.   You will receive an email confirmation from the library once your item has been placed in the outgoing mail.  On average, we have found that it takes about a week from the point that we mail the item to the item being recieved.

Please note: The time it will take to fill requests is dependent on locker availability and number of requests received, so it may be several days between the time you request the item and the time that your request is filled.  Please know that library staff is processing requests daily and will get to your request as soon as possible.  

Worried that you request wasn't received?

You can check your pending requests through your library account.  You can get to your library account through the Library Catalog.

You can sign in in the upper right hand corner       


You will be prompted to sign in with your MyCI login.

Once you have signed in, click on the arrow next to your name to view your account options and select "My Requests."  This will show you all of the current requests on your library account.

Have a question about your request?

Please contact us at