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Library Research Tutorials

This guide walks you through the research process with sections on searching the library catalogs and databases as well as tips on crafting research topics and how to evaluate sources.


Library Research Tutorials


This guide is designed to help guide you through the research process with a combination of tips, strategies, and guided tutorials. 

You can explore this guide by navigating the tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. Feel free to follow along or go directly to the topic you need help with.


Word cloud of research terms.This guide will cover:

  • The Research Process.
  • Developing a Topic into a Research Question and Finding your Initial Search Terms.
  • Search Tips and Tricks
  • Searching the Library Catalog.
  • Finding Library Databases.
  • Searching Library Databases.
  • Finding Items the Library Doesn't Own.
  • Evaluating Sources.
  • Citations and Plagiarism.


Navigating this guide:

This guide is designed with various learning paths. Do you learn better watching a video or by engaging with an image or by reading text? Where possible, this guide is designed to allow you to choose the pathway that best suits your learning preference.  At the top of each page there will be a heading like this one that will go over the different ways you can review the information: read the text, interactive with an image, or watch a video. 

Plus sign inside a blue circle.Navigate the interactive images by clicking on the blue plus sign icons located on the image. Clicking on the icon will bring up a text box that will provide future explanation of the image. Some of these text boxes will include further explanatory images.

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