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Biology Research Guide

Academic Video Online (AVON) [Audiovisual/Audio]

Academic Video Online (AVON) [Trial has ended. Link is mapped to Databases A-Z.]

Content: More than 66,000 titles spanning a wide range of subject areas in the arts and humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

Global Plants (JSTOR) [Type specimens]

trial buttonGlobal Plants [End date: December 31, 2020]

Content: Over two million high-resolution plant type specimens in the world’s largest database of digitized plant specimens and a locus for international scientific research and collaboration. Type specimens provide a valuable biological and ecological record; they are crucial to the study and conservation of species.

Image Resources

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) [Audiovisual/Audio]

JoVE Science Education [Trial has ended. Link is mapped to Databases A-Z.]

Content: Peer-reviewed scientific video protocols for: biology, chemistry, clinical skills, engineering, environmental sciences, physics, and psychology.
Note: Most JoVE content from issues 1-140 (2006-2018) are available through PubMed Central. As of 2019, JoVE no longer participates in PubMed Central.